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Thread: Queen Ariel, Ariel's Town Dress, Pinup Ariel & Bombshell Mera & more!

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    Queen Ariel, Ariel's Town Dress, Pinup Ariel & Bombshell Mera & more!

    New pics of new mermaid costumes!

    Added a few bits to my Ariel costume to transform it into 'Queen Ariel'! I also made myself a wig so my hair doesn't have to take a constant beating! It had slipped very far back in the first pics, in fact was only being held on by the wire in the bangs lol!

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    Also finally made myself a 'quick' version of Ariel's Town Dress (made it in 2 days!), this was the debut of the wig too
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    Pinup Ariel was a quick costume I put together for a fashion show in May inspired by the shorts. Ended up meeting the cutest little Thor!
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    New Ariel hair flower! Made this for my Jamaica trip!
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    Lastly, I was part of a 'DC Bombshells' group at DragonCon and of course I chose Mera!
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    THIS. IS. AMAZING!!!!!!! I also love the details on the town dress! :3 this is really cool

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    Great, now I want to cosplay Mera!

    ... you did this to me.

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    Omg mera!! I actually want to go as red lantern/ evil mera
    The SeaGlass Siren

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    you are so talented! these are all perfect!

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    They're all so amazing!

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    Somply amazing!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MermaidCelesteFL View Post
    Great, now I want to cosplay Mera!

    ... you did this to me.
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    Thanks everyone! I'm totally wearing Queen Ariel to work tomorrow (with a nude leotard under it) so we'll see how the costume contest goes lol!

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    Wore Queen Ariel to work today, it was a hit!

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    There was an Ursula too!
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    Oh man, this is SO cool! I love all of it! God save the (mermaid) queen! (How the fin have I not heard of Mera? What rock have I been hiding under?) I deeply envy your ability to walk in heels. I just face plant while my Achilles tendons scream obscenities.

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    great idea! looks absolutely fantastic! where did you get your trident???

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    So awesome great work sooooo cute

    Please enjoy and like my page.

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