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Thread: Netting & accessories?

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    Netting & accessories?

    Where does everyone get their netting, shells, etc. for their tops?
    I've been itching to make multiple tops for myself soon, and was curious where everyone got their stuff from

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    I found my netting at Michael's- they had a whole ocean themed section with shells, sand and various kinds of netting.

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    Check the amazing and informative comprehensive Accessory Making FAQ at the top of the accessories subforum. It's one of the most frequently asked questions, so it's there.

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    Thanks to both of you!
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    I just buy netting online, and I was planning on buying sea shells on the Hobby Lobby website before I decided to get another kind of top instead. Hobby Lobby has some great shells in general :-)

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    I personally try to buy from places that can confirm where they get their shells from - a lot of what you see at hobby stores and Walmart tends to be unethically harvested/endangered species/just not good business practices.

    Here's where I got the (massive!) shells I'm working with now on Michelle's top (I got a pair for myself as well): They have an environmental note right at the top of their site to let you know where they get their supplies from. I highly recommend them, I was extremely surprised and pleased at the quality of what I got for the price I paid!

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