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Thread: Adelaide Mermaid Meet Beach Day

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    Adelaide Mermaid Meet Beach Day

    29 November at 11:30–Whenever

    Port Noarlunga, South Australia, Australia

    We all know this needs to happen in November as we all have been wanting to do this for a long time and our dear friend Carrie, aka Mermaid Mizuko is moving away ♥

    So this will be our annual meet instead of at the pool why... BECAUSE THE BEACH IS BETTER !!!

    Bring something to eat, picnic blanket, towel etc and just have fun !!!

    Not only are the gentle waves and beach nice, but at the end of Port Noarlunga Jetty is a long Beautiful Reef that is Great for free-diving/mermaiding and underwater videos/photos. The reef also almost encloses Port Noarlunga beach, as a result sharks are Very Rare at Port Noarlunga, so swimming there is slightly safer.

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    Yayyy the beach!!!
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    I think an International Mer gathering should meet there. I think it would take a year to save for, the pods could plan for it. Perhaps a thread on a gathering would be an interesting conversation.
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