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Thread: Pod Of Four Corners

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    Pod Of Four Corners

    Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah mermaids unite! We may be landlocked, but that doesn't stop us from swimming around!

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    I created this section and moved this thread into it. This would probably be a good place to discuss what the boarders of this pod should be. Personally I'd like to separate NM and AZ from CO and UT, cause I'm trying to keep the pods from being too big. What do you guys think?

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    Well, I only put them together because of the four corners bond. If you'd like you can simply delete the thread, I put it in the wrong place anywho.

    I figured if every pod was one state or river we'd have a ton of them, so because these are the only states which share "four corners", I thought it would work out. But like I said, we may as well scrap the thread, it very well may be too big...
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    whatever works. im from AZ so i would like to know if anyone is close by at all. =P

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    Hello Odette! I am in Scottsdale, AZ, and I see you are from Tucson!

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    OMG ANOTHER AZ MER!!!! <3 im soooo happy to meet you, Nessadelle.

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    I am very happy to meet you as well! I know in AZ we also have Moon Mermaid, and a few other small groups which are not on Mernetwork currently.

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    Red face Horray!

    I'm in Paradise Valley, Nessadelle! 7th Street and Greenway. When I finish my realiztic tail, you, Odette, and I should get together and go swimming in a lake or nearby pool.

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    yes!!!! this will be awesome!!

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    YESSSS! I'm 64th and Shea! Do you guys plan to attend MerCon next August? Maybe we should form a little pod to travel there next year together!

    This is so great! I am so glad there are other Arizona mers! <3

    I will be home in December, and we should all meet up for Coffee or something!

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    oh yes!definitely
    come find Mermaid-Odette on facebook!
    my website is here

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    hey girls we should all travel to mercon 2 together!
    it would be awesome! so glad to meet other mers in the desert lol
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