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Thread: Mers from the British Isles!

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    Smile Mers from the British Isles!

    Any other mers from the British Isles?
    I'm based in Cambridge, England.

    Would be great to hear from anyone else on this side of the pond!


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    Ahhh really? I loved Cambridge! I remember studying at a program at Trinity College at Cambridge University. It was so awesome. I'd love to go back for graduate school or something. And you do circus art stuff too? That's really great! I have an officer position at the Juggling and Unicycling club here, although I only really do poi spinning.
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    im from scotland its very cold and not alot of swimming areas but its a great place to live.

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    Where about in Scotland are you from? I live in the north of the Highlands and looking for any nearby mers!!

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    I'm a writer hailing from England.

    How come the Yanks get groups for every state and we all get lumped together as "Europod"?

    That's sure to get the Eurosceptics backs up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate Walis View Post
    I'm a writer hailing from England.

    How come the Yanks get groups for every state and we all get lumped together as "Europod"?

    That's sure to get the Eurosceptics backs up!

    Ha. sorry. I try to group the pods so that they aren't too small, and since there aren't a lot of British mers yet I made the pod pretty big. The way I envision it is that as these huge international pods get bigger they can break off into smaller more local pods.

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    I think it's great we've got mers from all over the world here!!!! I'm hoping the pods get more and more popular so they can be reduced in size too. I love that I can meet up with local's that share my mermaid interests! Even though I am in the North Pacific Pod and I live in Oregon, my Pod stretches up into Canada

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    There does seem to be a distinct lack of European members around here...perhaps it's the cold climate.

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    Great to see some Euro Mers on here! I'm originally from Newcaslte, England but moved to the US four years ago. I know the waters are cold over there but keep swimming and living your dream.

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    i can't say that im from the UK but the water is just as cold where i live xD

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    Neither am I, and the Bavarian lakes are not very warm too. So, if I cannot travel, Iīm trapped on the land and Iīm a maid without mer...
    But, since we are so few merpeople in Europe, we should manage to be in one pod ;-)
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    Hey! I'm in Texas right now but I'll be moving to St. Andrews, Scotland in September. We should organize a European Mer meet-up.

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    That sounds like a funny idea!
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    I'm in England! Cheshire to be precise lol

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    Hi !! I am new to this network and I live in Devon, UK!! Hello mermaids from UK!! There are so few of us here! xxx

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    Hi, I am new to this site. I live in nottingham, I have been thinking about getting a silicone tail for a couple years now and have looked at them online. I wasn't sure I'd get the opportunity to wear it in the uk as I was not sure that British swimming pools would allow them to be worn in pools ( you know how health and safety can be these days ! Lol) but I've finally decided to take the plunge and get a tail. I'm off to disneyworld Florida may followed by a disney Bahamas cruise so thought it would be a great opportunity to wear my tail. I've enquired between mernation and finfolk productions, I can't decide fully between them both as they are both charging the same amount. Does anyone have any experience with either? Mernation has offered to meet me with the tail on holiday and hand deliver to avoid shipping fees to uk and even have a swim together which I thought was wonderful and is tipping my hand there way slightly however finfolk productions do some amazing tails
    Or any experience with British pools allowing tales?

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    Hey I'm super new waiting on a tail for xmas, and I'm in Devon. I love it here, but water is not very warm a lot of the time.
    Im lucky tho as my inlaws have a heated indoor swimming pool, (not massive but beggers can't be choosers) and cousins nearby with
    outdoor swimming pool, for summer, my local pool (seasonal) is open to use of tail/monofin when it quiet too.
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    I'll be in London for like, 4 hours on either June 7th or June 8th depending on how time zones work...
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    Hey guys,
    I'm Callum from Liverpool, England good to see that im not the only 'Euromer' out there (: Seems like we have such a little pod, but i guess its because we are a rarity. Al'as I still dont have a tail as of yet but someday! Ugh the joys of being a student.

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    Im in England, London

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