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Thread: Short Story Challenge! December to January 31st!

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    So, what ever happened with this? I know Coradion's been online, but he never responded.

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    I was thinking the same thing! I tried to find this thread the other week but failed haha.

    Although reading the story I submitted at like 5 am ages ago now makes me cringe hahaha why on Earth did I write that.
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    Vaughan I think your story as lots of sensory imegry. Very detailed

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    I love short stories! All of these are amazing. There's talent in these waters, that's for sure!
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    I'm pretty new here, but heres one! (it equals out to 666 words sans title .)

    Siren’s Birth
    Can you imagine what it is like to never be alone? To know that if you just reach out another will grasp your hand and pull you to safety? I really doubt it.
    Humans like you are so fickle, so young. You claim complete loyalty to one another then shackle each other over silly things like skin colour or customs. The pods are different from that. We never abandon one of our own, or harm each other with evil in our hearts.
    I’ve grown my entire life feeling the brush of my sisters and the guiding hands of my elders. I’ve been raised with soft caresses and rude shoves, taught with guiding words and correcting fingers, caressed with curiosity and and awe.
    You, puny land dweller, could never understand the unity of my people. This is why you separate us. We who live only for the happiness of the whole are often snatched from our caressing depths and hung to dry on your ships and walls. You hang us up as trophies for your pride. My pride is my pod, my sisters and brothers, my parents and children.
    I see you don’t understand. That doesn’t surprise me. You're almost out of air after all, and unlike me you can’t breath under the depths. That is why I brought you here; tricked you with a song and a kiss. By the time the tides recede you’ll be food for the sharks. It’s fitting punishment for the damage you did to my pod.
    No. Don’t shake your head. You took from me the support I have know all my days. Your death is paltry substitute, but I will take it all the same. Better some recompense than none at all.
    I, who have before been away from my sisters and brothers, have been snatched from their grasp. They are so far now that I can no longer hear their song. You stole me in your net and caged me for display, but no longer. Now I am free. You foolishly thought me tame, thought I loved you.
    You believed my whispered promises and were seduced by my fabled song. You thought you loved me, thought I loved you, thought I would take you to the depths and mate you. What a fool you are. To think that a daughter of the raging sea would be tame for her capture. You have done me the greatest insult by claiming me as a pet yet you believe that I will lie down and take it? I am a tempest, a maelstrom, the raging tides themselves. I am a beloved daughter of the pod and warrior among my kind.
    Mortal, you do not know me.
    Now as your life slips away, an offering to the tides, I will leave. My pod is far from here in warmer waters. I will call for them and eventually they’ll here. When they do I will reunite with my people. UNtil then I will sing for them constantly.
    What? You have air left to try and talk? Oh, my song; you remember my powers. Yes, my calling will be heard by more than just my pop. Men, and some women, will flock to it. They’ll be so immersed in it my song that they will follow it and never return. So what. You people steal my siblings with relish. Why shouldn’t I steal some of yours.
    I wonder if those men you sailed with will know what your fate is. I hope they do. I hope they know I dragged you down into Mother’s deep embrace and let her blood fill your lungs. I wonder if they’ll talk? Spread the word and warning about? I wonder if they remember my name, Psyren. I hope they do.
    I want everyone who drowns after hearing me calling out knowing, with their last breaths, who to curse. None of this would have happened without you. Honestly my “love”, I hope they hear me calling.
    I hope they come.


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