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Thread: Underwater atlantis city?

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    Underwater atlantis city?

    I found this article months ago and i was waiting to see if anyone would post it on here. Now that it's been a few months and i havent seen anything, YUSSS i can post!

    There's a futuristic underwater city already in the works.

    The entry made by Ifuckinglovescience is called: Plans for a futuristic Atlantis-style underwater city unveiled.

    Supposedly a company in Japan thinks that it will take 15 years for the resources they need to be readily available, and will take 5 years to build. With the growing population on land, they believe this will alleviate the problem (because we still need land resources, and because some places are uninhabitable).

    I love this idea.... but at the same time i don't love this idea. :| CONFLICTED! While i would give anything to live under the sea, i have a few major concerns.


    - It's reverse Sea World. I'm willing to live in an air tank surrounded by fish. instead of going to a sea park, I'd theoretically be living with sea life and enjoying them in their natural habitat!

    - Life long dream of mine to live under the sea *o*

    - technically you wouldn't be stopping or solving population growth, but instead of moving people to another planet and destroying that one, we can stay here... and supposedly it's "GREEN." green energy? :o for reals? no coal or gas or oil?
    "The idea is to be as green as possible, so the scientists envisage using microbes called methanogens to CO2 captured from the surface into methane, which will serve as a major source of power. A string of generators on the spiral will also create energy using differences in seawater temperatures, a process known as ocean thermal energy conversion. The city will also be equipped with FISH FARMS for food and a desalination plant for drinking water."

    - they also have farms for food and highspeed internet.
    you can view more on the official Shimizu corp website.

    - i'm seriously doubting how "green" it's really supposed to be. are we destroying life on the sea floor for this? judging from the below diagram, how will this be built without putting debris in the ocean? WHERE in the ocean will this be built?

    - what if everyone dies if this structure collapses? how far are we from the nearest land?
    - this is freaking expensive... how are they obtaining their resources?
    " won’t come cheap, and has a hefty price tag of three trillion yen ($25 billion), which Shimizu hopes to bring in from the government and private industry."
    Where are they getting this money from? how is the japanese government obtaining this money? (hopefully not from the taiji dolphin hunts and the dolphin trades...)
    - what fish farms? at the rate we're consuming seafood, won't they be extinct in the next few years? is it sustainable?
    - there's a bunch of ways to solve overpopulation. for example, 19 kids and counting anyone? is that necessary? one or two children are ok, but stop giving unnecessary births, we don't need any more humans on the planet :|
    - what are they going to do about natural disasters like tectonic plates shifting and earthquakes? what about underwater volcanoes?
    - where will our human waste go? how will they manage our waste?

    There's a load of things to consider. Super excited but also super terrified at the same time.
    The SeaGlass Siren

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    At first when you said atlantis city, I thought it was like an underwater theme park, but no- they really mean a CITY! Holy crap! I'm sure they'll figure out how to get around some of the cons, but the tectonic plates thing really struck me. I think you're right- Japan is in a horrible area for earthquakes and tsunamis. One natural disaster and boom- all of that work, that money, those people- gone! G'bye! Wouldn't it?

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    yes exactly! if it was closer to land like the fiji underwater hotel i'm sure it would be ok
    The SeaGlass Siren

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    Yeah. (Sorry- shortest reply ever, I know xD )

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    this is an awesome concept


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