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Thread: VT/NH/Upper NY mers?

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    No worries! There will be other cons, and other chances for meetups

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    Aww, thanks. I do want to meet up someday, it just isn't easy for me to get out even just that far from home. Especially not lately. But hopefully it will be getting easier soon.

    Fancy a cup of mermaid tea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciriun View Post
    Tory, you are probably the closest other mer to me. I've been stalkin- er, I mean, following you on Facebook for a little bit now.

    And sorry Theta for not making it to the con. I haven't been doing so hot on getting to cons lately. :/
    Aw that's so sweet and kinda funny. Well maybe someday we could swim together! What's this about a meet up at one of the lakes? I'll have to go find that. There's also a merman in my area.
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    HI Tolgarr! im from NYC Manhattan would be great if you would come out and join me and our meetups at Coney Island, having my first one on June 18th also participating in Mermaid Parade come and meet new and old mer's have a good time every one welcome bring your merfolks too send me message if your interested

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    Hi Mer's! so awesome to see so many mermaids that are near by me, i live in Harlem, NY hope you can all make my Coney MerMeetup on June 18th i have a thread here on MNW, also have an Event Group page for meetups in our area and nearby, and you can add your own meetup here too, swim by and check it out

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    Hi sweetie, will be setting up more meetups in June and throughout the summer ikeep you all posted my next mermeetup is in on June 18th all are welcomed and i be setting some up at Randalls Island NY as well

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    I'm a rusalka from the thousand islands region!
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    Hi Mersister's im from Harlem, NY area and i have a Event Group page and event page for #ConeyMerMeetups throughout the summer! hit me up I keep you posted first one coming up on June 18th Coney Island Mermaid Parade which afterwards we'll head over to popular mermaid spot for many to hook up

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    I actually live in NH! Its really cold and super snowy, still though may! Anyway We should have Mer-Meetup sometime near our area!

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    Itís nice to know there are some mers in upstate NY. Iím in Syracuse. Eager to try out my tail.

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    I'm in Dover NH on the seacoast! I just finished making my first fabric tail for mertailor's fantasea fin too! If you ever want to meet up let me know. I'm hoping to start a pod here. I created 'Seacoast mermaids' facebook page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolgarr View Post
    I've seen a few other threads asking about mers in CT/MA/ME/RI and I haven't really heard of many mers around VT/NH/Upper NY. Come to think of it, I have only heard of one mer in my state (VT) alone.

    So, are any of you huddled up in your warm bathtubs in this cold wasteland?
    I know this is kinda irrelevant, but I live near Buffalo NY, and it Actually isn't that cold during the summer. during July, its normally in the 70s at night, 80s by day. If thats cold, then I dont know what to think. I know it isn't as warm as say, texas, but it isn't -50 all the time. Sorry I got so fired up, it just really ticks me off when people say its really cold where I live.

    And do any mers live near buffalo? I am pretty sure I am the only one . If yes, PLEASE TELL ME!!!

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    There's at least two of us over near Rochester

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    wow and i am mermaid araxie

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    I'm in MA we have a cool group of Mermaids and Mermen we usually meet a couple times per year and have months sometimes weekly meets at NYC and sometimes up in the Boston area and Cape cod area as well.

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    I'm close to Boston and would love to meet up with other mers!

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    Hi, I hope i'm in the right pod here. I'm looking around for other merfolk who know the rochester area, who might be able to point me to some tail friendly locations (be it beaches or pools) to swim? I want to get into the mercommunity but not until I know I have places to swim. Can anybody help?

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    Hi! Im also out of the Rochester area. Unfortunately I havenít found any public pools that allow tails. Iíve done photos by the lake but not actually swim. Sadly I donít get a lot of actual swim time around here unless itís in a private pool.

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    I posted below but wanted to add that I live not far from Sodus Point, which has a beach. It could be fun to do a little mer meetup with the 3 or 4 of us in the Rochester area

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    Im out of Rochester area but more East. Have you been to the Olcott Beach Mermaid Madness Parade? A couple years ago I got to be featured on their main float and act as a special witness for a mermaid/pirate wedding that took place after!


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