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Thread: Any Mers Here That Love or Like Anime?

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    Any Mers Here That Love or Like Anime?

    Soooo underneath being a mermaid I am a major anime freak and I was wondering if there were any other mers who like or love anime too? I don't have many people to converse with over anime with ,would be nice to have other people to talk about it with?
    Doesn't matter what it is you like

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    Me, me, meeeee! If I can't watch/ have anime I tend to read manga.

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    I am a geek. Utter total geek. Comics, Manga, Anime, Cartoons, Novels, mythology you name it!

    Short version: Me to!

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    i am very picky with anime. i used to be uber crazy about it but as of late ive only been keeping track of witch hunter robin, yakitate japan, sailormoon, and naruto
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    I like anime. It's da bomb yo.
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    *raises hand* Otaku here! I watch a lot of anime and I cosplay. Awesome to see others on here.

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    *waves* I like it as well! Although lately I haven't been keeping up with series like I used to...

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    i wish i wasnt. im a mother f**king weeaboo

    actually i just finished a cosplay for the anime convention in febuary

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    I've only seen a smattering of anime, but I love manga (I admit to being a yaoi fanboy, and fantasy manga can usually grab my attention as well). I'm also big on world mythology, superheroes, etc.

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    Oh my goodness there is a lot of you. Oh really Lorelei you are I had no idea ahhh amazing
    Scottish Mer: Same it is hard for me to watch any anime in my houseland on the internet I just buy a lot of it and I still get yelled at haha
    Paradise Fish: Yay !!! Feel free to add me as a friend on here
    BriannaPixieDee: Yay !! Feel free to add me as a friend on here
    SeaGlass Siren: That's completely fine everyone has their own tastes seems only recently I keep watching romance anime >////<
    Merdude Ricky: Certainly freaking is man !!!
    GregGambit: yay !!! It's okay it's hard for me to keep up with it all too haha lol I am behind on many series currently
    Fun123joker: Haha sometimes I wish I wasn't as obessed but I am Oo what cosplay have you finished?
    Joy&Raptorsunrestrained: I admit I am a fan of Yaoi too Yay for superheroes do you have a fave?

    I thought it was only fair I replied to all of you because it's soo awesome to see this hehe

    Please feel free to add me on the links below !! Discuss anime hehe

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    I love all the anime movies and my eldest daughter Jasmine is amazing at drawing them
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    I've never been too big a fan of anime. But, on a side note my actual name is Anna May. The stuff in this post makes me laugh cause all I can hear is my name.
    I kinda want to go to some sort of anime con or whatever just so I can wear a name tag that says Anna May.
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    I love Death Note and Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan) and I'm yet to watch Tokyo Ghoul and Madoka Magika :-)
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    I really liked Sword Art Online. I'm not caught up with it right now.
    Sould Eater was really cool and funny.
    I think I need to rewatch Attack on Titan. I didn't pay much attention the first time
    I recently watched The Devil is a Part-Timer. That one was funny haha

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    *comes running into the room*


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    I love anime, sometimes I go on binges and watch many different series of different genres. I want to cosplay too and like organisation and school cosplays So like to check out shows with badass uniforms.

    Like vampires, mermaids and mythology creatures. Ao No Exorcist is one of the ones I've been watching right now. I've gone back to Sailor Moon for a nostalgic run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MermaidStormy View Post
    Oh my goodness there is a lot of you. Oh really Lorelei you are I had no idea ahhh amazing
    Yup! XD We watch anime at least once a week in my apartment, with my boyfriend and Onii-chan. I've taken some japanese classes, but geez it is a hard language. I know I've seen you post some anime's I really need to check out.
    List of anime's I watch (prepare yourself! XD):Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan), Sword Art Online, Noragami, Rozen Maiden, Pandora Hearts, Spice and Wolf, Chobits, Fate/Stay Night, Black Cat, Seto no Hanayome, Accel World, Clannad, Romeo x Juliet, Shakugan no Shana, K-On, High School of the Dead, K Project, Toradora, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Zero No Tsukaima and Mermaid Melody.

    Woo! XD That's most of them, but not all. I've been dying to re-watch Noragami again because it's such a good one. I'm also a Vocaloid and Ragnarok Online fan, but I don't think those really count (although I know Ragnarok has a manga and an anime, I just prefer the game).

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    I love anime! I recently finished up the Wixoss series and No Game No Life, but I'm really into slice of life shows for the most part Aria The Animation is one of my favorites. It's so light and dreamy and takes place in a city like Venice such a pretty show

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    I enjoy watching most but i dont really have a favorite

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