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Thread: The Official Underwater Tricks Thread!

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    Smile The Official Underwater Tricks Thread!

    This is the official underwater tricks thread! Share underwater tricks, techniques, ideas, tips, ect! Find out about bubble kisses, bubble rings, flips, ect!

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    Happy Swimming!
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    Underwater Tricks?

    So recently I went to the pool to begin practicing my monofin swimming (I'm hoping to get good enough and be a strong enough swimmer that my parental units will let me go out into the ocean). Anywho, I was practicing doing some underwater tricks, and I really couldn't think of many. I mean I did two different kinds of back in a really tight circle, one in a wide arch that kinda looked like a C, some barrel rolls, swimming on my back, etc. I'm also working on how to blow those bubble rings underwater and such. But I was wondering if there were any other moves or tricks that people could think of to make the swimming more interesting. Also being able to do a back flip without having to blow out my nose a lot would be helpful! What do you all do, or what else can you think of?

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    Here are some of the tricks I do~

    don't blow bubble from my nose. It takes a bit of practice and the tolerance of the sting from the water, but you get used to it ;D


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    Bubble rings

    How do you make a bubble ring? I have no clue.
    Hugs, fishes, and mermaid kisses!

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    Step one is to either be able to plug your nose while floating on your back underwater with out your hands getting in the way of your mouth, get a nose clip, or be able to completely close you soft palette.

    Practice just blowing a single bubble at a time.

    Once that's down try to keep the air at the back of your throat. The closest I can think to describe it is to try and make a THUP sound underwater and sticking out your tongue. There was a really good video of a fellow mer, it was a close up of her doing it over and over again.... really help show what movements to make and how to stick out your tongue.... If I can find it I'll post it for you.

    Really though it just takes practice and figuring out what works and what doesn't. Once you get it thought you'll realize how simple it is, it's got a bit of a learning curve though as it's more of a feel then an explainable skill.

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    star taught me in Florida, and bubble hearts!

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    It seems like you'd have to push out the air pretty hard/fast
    The videos I did see though, yea, they had their tongue pretty visible in the center of their mouth.

    I'd like to learn how to do that :'P
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    I think there are a few techniques. There is one way that I was able to do it successfully that seemed pretty easy. Like all methods, you have to be lying on your back, in still water, and you can't be kicking or moving around. In this case, I was in a swimming pool with a scuba tank, and I would get a breath of air, and then blow out one big puff. Not a long one ("PUHHhhhhhhh"), but a short puff ("PUH!"). Try saying "puh!" with some emphasis. Now turn it into an onomatopoeia instead of a word. It doesn't have to be really powerful, especially because you don't want to move or jolt when you expel the air.

    Basically, that's it. The tongue isn't really involved. All it requires is lying still and being level in very still water, and expelling a puff of air, while trying to keep your lips round. If you do a few, and you'll see that the air forms a ring of bubbles on its own, so all of the technique is just refining subtle things in timing and lip shape so that the air comes out as one even torus, and maintains its shape while it ascends. I've heard of other methods that may be superior in size, or stability, but this one seems easiest to me, since its the only one I've gotten to work.

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    You can do the pow method or with your tongue. With your tongue, you place your tongue between your lips. Puff up your cheeks and build a little pressure. and then pull your tongue back to let a small burst of air out and then replace it immediately back between your lips. The air should spin and become a ring as it travels upward.

    The pow method, build up some pressure in your mouth (not in your cheeks though). Let out a quick burst of air while mouthing the word "pow". Make sure your lips close all the way.

    It is hard to describe online.

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    Shameless plug here!!! Shameless plug here!!!! Linda and Alexie both are in a video shot by your favorite Pirate of the forum (Admittedly I think I am the only one currently but details and yes pun intended) so here it is I hope it helps

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    I did a little verbal explanation of bubble rings, for fun because I tried it for the first time today and what not

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    I can't wait to try. I asked a few people who can blow smoke rings and all of them go "puh" and kinda pop their lips. But I have yet to try in the water. One question, do you have to be on your back?

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    yeah you do.. other wise bubble might get messed up from hitting your body..

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    I've tried to get the bubbles when you "blow a kiss" underwater, but it just doesn't work right. You know, like the bubble hearts like Mermaid Melissa does frequently. Is that what you meant, AniaR? How do you do those?!?!

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    I just started going to the pool and got some bubble rings going
    To be honest I didn't think it was that hard, the difficult part is understanding how to do them.
    But after you get it, it's like "OH, I geeettt ittt "
    My only problem is that I have a tendency to flip upside down when I lay on the bottom of the pool <:'D
    And as far as bubble hearts go, I just quickly blow air out of my mouth and into my hands and then make the shape of a heart with them.

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    isnt there a thread explaining this somewhere? Im sure this is, I remember contributing to it. For bubble kisses put your hand to your mouth and literally as you blow the air out go "blup!" Pucker the air inside your mouth before your lips so when you say "Blup" it comes right out. If youre close to the surface it makes a nice big bubble, if you're down deeper and push it out hard enough it'll make a bubble ring. For hearts you're doing the same thing, only put your fingers on your lips instead of your hand. Two fingers from each hand on the corners of your lips, as you make the blup just swing your fingers in a wide heart motion.

    I have yet to be able to get a good video or photo of myself doing it, but I sorta have 'after' photos taken a second too late.

    this was a bubble heart and a bubble kiss done fast together, but the photo is about a second too late, you can still sorta see the heart

    this was me messing around to see if I could make different shapes

    And this was a big bubble kiss/ring after the fact, you can see the bubble floating away to the right

    Just watch some of the videos of mermaids doing it and you'll get the hand movement down

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    I just went ahead and bought a nose plug to practice bubble rings with. TOTALLY worth the $3! I have major issues with water going right up my nose and down my throat -_- SO MUCH FUN to swim upside down under water without the pain of chemicals going up your nose!

    Anyhow, once I got the plug the bubble rings came quite easy! I got them on the first try!!! When I came up I did a dance XD I need to work on making them more full of air so they don't break until they get to the surface, as they don't make it every time.

    Freckled Kisses taught me how to make bubble hearts. Getting enough air and getting the hand motion to muscle memory so you can do it QUICK are the hardest parts. Otherwise you get half a heart! I can't explain it as well as Anita did. If you're reading this Anita you should totally do a video tutorial!

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    OMG I'm going to practice this next time I'm in the pool! I'll finally have a use for that nose-clip I bought!

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    I havent tried anything with bubbles yet, (on my next shoot i will!)
    But im really good at backflips and laying down/sitting underwater, which for some is almost impossible.
    My advice for backflips:
    As you flip backwards, if you have water/nasal related problems, blow air out of your nose while you are flipping backwards, that will keep water from entering your nose.

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    For laying/sitting underwater:
    If you have a floatation device of a tail like mine, stand or have your fluke touching the bottom, exhale all of the air in your lungs while ABOVE the water and use your arms to push yourself backwards down onto your butt. This only works in shallow water though. In deeper water its harder, unless you have a silicone tail, that will help you stay down better.

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    Myself at a spring in Florida.

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