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    Are there any monofins you could use to avoid less heel showing in a silicone tail?

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    For less heel showing depends on how the tail is made an who makes it. But if you want to show less heel I would say get a monofin that covers the whole foot / without open heel.
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    The Competitor is known to have less of a heel appearance.

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    Hey guys, I just went online to buy a Finis Tempo monofin for one of my friends as a graduation present, but I couldn't find any anywhere online. The websites are all out of stock. Did this fin get discontinued?

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    Yep, they stopped making them. If you want an in between-size monofin, you could buy a Hydra

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    Hey there, I think that the link for the Oceanika Merfin is an old link. This one goes right to it

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    Anyone have tips for getting your feet in the pockets when you put your tail on?

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    I think Raina tied shoelaces to her straps and pulls them upward while pushing with her foot.
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    Has anyone tried the Finis Shooter monofin in a tail?

    I kind of want to try it on my "test" tail. I don't want to put my Competitor in my first ever silicone tail (for fear that it doesn't go so well), but I also don't want to make my first silicone tail something I can't wear in the ocean or a river (Obviously silicone does not come cheap, so making it with a Foil or Wave when I do most of my swimming in places with currents and tides is not a great investment)... The Shooter seemed like the likely choice to put it because it's half the price of my Competitor, and rigid in construction like one, but has anyone else tried it?
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    thank you for this page so helpful!

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    This is an old thread but I just wanted to update it with some new informations and a question. First, I have been and will be doing some ocean swimming, and I've been using bi-fins. I want to use a monofin, and I have been recommended the Rapid to use, however my feet are on the smaller size and a wave would be a better fit, though it would give me less propulsion than the rapid could. I also can't wear my diveboots with them (too big) and I have some neoprene booties, but I think that still wont fill the footpockets. So, if i can't or don't want to use a rapid monofin for fear of it falling off, should I go with the wave, or save up for a proper ocean freediving fin?

    Secondly I wanted to update the Lunocent product. This is the new 2014 design:

    Name:  Luno-reflect-copy4.jpg
Views: 1343
Size:  163.6 KB Drool... that is one sexy monofin!!

    More info:

    It's also cheaper $599 vs $1000 from last time. And they are having a sale from now thorough Christmas for $399!! I can't wait to see some new video and reviews of this fin!!!

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    that IS one sexy monofin!!

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    The mind reels with the possibilities of a tail with this beauty!

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    That monofin can be used to make some nice extended tails!

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    They remind me of the extended fins they where using for the H2O tails.

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    The Lunocet Monofins are awesome. I have one of the regular ones

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    Damn that is awesome! I have a mermaid crush on that fin! I have heard they are hard to swim in though. Or maybe thats just my perception fron looking at them? i dunno... What does it even feel like?
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    That fin! I kind of really want it... But I'm not sure I can justify that $400 for it, especially since I've been nagging for Disneyland passes, and a new Wolf dress form, and all sorts of other stuff that is pretty much bordering on frivolous. I think if this popped up on my list too, someone would put their foot down.
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    UGH PRETTY NEW MONOFIN... So much want!!!

    I need to get a Hydra first. Then get good at swimming, so I can use the new Lunocet

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    If it swims as well as they say on their site, I might have to get one.
    Maybe in a few years

    But it DOES look like a dolphin-fin. Very impressive.

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